Machine Tending With OB7

Fast ROI, Simple Set Up, Consistency, Quality

OB7 provides a complete automation solution for automating your machine tending tasks. Designed to ensure simplicity, versatility, and easy automation of existing production, OB7 can be seamlessly rolled into existing production lines to automate almost any task.

OB7 Works Overnight at Swiss Productions

Producing over 2 million parts a month, Swiss Productions has no time for down time. Swiss utilizes OB7 on a milling machine, loading and unloading parts overnight. OB7 enables Swiss Productions to get its products out the door quicker, while allowing its employees to focus on other important tasks.

Simple Application Versatility

If you can do it, OB7 can learn it

With a “teach without programming” approach, existing staff simply “show” OB7 a desired task, and OB7 learns it. It eliminates user coding and programming to ensure simplicity, effectiveness, and broad capability. If you can do the job, OB7 can learn it. No programming experience needed.

Simple Job Teaching

  • Truly simple “teach without programming” solution
  • No user coding or programming
  • Fast, seamless integration in existing operational processes
  • Simple set-up and minimum learning time before production

Increase Machine Output

  • Increases machine utilization including for continuous operations
  • Leverage knowledge and skill of existing team members in teaching OB7
  • Learns within minutes and translates complex user actions into automated repeatable production processes
  • With 7 joints, OB7  can reach around objects and obstacles (unlike 6 axis robot)

Faster Return on Investment

  • If you can do a job, OB7 can can learn it and translate it into repeatable production processes
  • Broad application fit and versatility
  • Increased production, consistency, quality, and yield
  • Delivers rapid Return on Investment

No Breaks or Down Time… OB7 Works 24 Hours

Letting OB7 handle the boring, repetitive work allows your team members to focus on higher value work. With no breaks or down time, OB7 works around the clock after lights are out. Just roll OB7 up to the production line and select the job. In minutes, you will be producing with predictable repeatability. Discover fast increase in worker productivity and quality.

Increase immediate positive cashflow.
Increase immediate positive cashflow.

CNC Machining

  • Load punch presses
  • Laser cutters
  • Pipe benders and shapers
  • Grinders
  • Bagging machines
  • Much more…

Boring or Unpleasant Work

  • Pick and Place
  • Assembly
  • Stacking
  • Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Unpacking
  • Much More…

Get Your Free Book 

Robot Integration For Machine Shops

This book will help you consider how applying robotic automation into your machine shop can increase your productivity, efficiency, and profitability. It will walk you through the steps of how to integrate a collaborative robot into your machine shop and how to set up an automation cell using your existing production equipment.

What Can You Automate With OB7?

Whether you already have an application in mind or are unsure about automating a particular task, our team can help you clarify your needs and goals. Contact us today to discuss your machine tending application.

Watch “How To’s” and other Videos of OB7 In Action:

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